Two insurance companies offer SmartPlug discount

SEATTLE — Two Pacific Northwest insurance agencies now offer a safety discount to boat owners who install a SmartPlug inlet and connector on their vessel, according to a release from SmartPlug.

HUB International of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Boat Insurance Agency of Seattle are offering the discounts.

The SmartPlug helps protect against two leading causes of failure and connection-related fires — loose connections and corrosion. With triple-seal weatherproof protection, its built-in thermostat automatically shuts off electrical current at 200? F to prevent overheating and automatically resets at 120? F.

“We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from customers regarding SmartPlug,” Paul Mendham, account manager for HUB International, said in the release. “If it prevents just one fire, the product and discount have paid off.”

Mike Miller, SmartPlug’s VP of sales and marketing, said the company encourages customers to ask their insurance agents about similar offers.

“We’re open to working with any insurance agency who wishes to offer a SmartPlug safety discount and encourage our customers to ask their insurance agent about it directly,” Miller said. “We want boaters to be safe on the water and utilizing a SmartPlug shore power system is a step in the right direction.”

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