NMMA exploring association health plan as potential member benefit

NMMA is assessing if sponsoring an Association Health Plan for the benefit of NMMA members is viable. This is mostly dependent on whether there is sufficient interest from member companies to enable NMMA to secure attractive plan and pricing options from health insurance carriers.

NMMA has engaged Mercer, a national firm that focuses on offering Association benefit programs. NMMA is asking all interested members to provide basic information about their company through Mercer’s secure online portal. This information will be used exclusively for obtaining a competitive health care program from select insurance carriers and evaluating the feasibility of an association health plan offering for NMMA members. 

The NMMA said that providing information does not obligate you or your organization to participate. "A comprehensive response from you will help NMMA obtain the most competitive offering possible and gauge the possibility of offering an Association Health Plan to our member companies," a news release from NMMA stated.


  1. I own a Marina with 15 employees. I am not currently a member of NMMA. however if there was a health care plan for members I would consider membership

  2. I just joined the Wisconsin Independent Business Association because they have a health insurance plan for members. I have only 10 employees, with only 5 participating in the group plan and saved over $12,000 right away! I am happy to see NMMA explore this option for its members.

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