Yamaha introduces new products at Minneapolis Boat Show

Yamaha Marine Group announced the addition of several new products and technologies at the VIP Preview Night of the Minneapolis Boat Show.

“Every part of every Yamaha product is designed to improve the boating experience, from the outstanding performance of our outboards to the ease-of-use built into our rigging products,” said Ben Speciale, president of Yamaha Marine Group.


Yamaha added two new models to its V MAX SHO family: the V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft and the V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft. Both models feature 25-inch shafts to meet the needs of more specific boating applications.

The V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft accommodates specific applications where a compact, lightweight 25-inch solution is desired. The outboard is designed for performance typically associated with two-strokes, but with the convenience and quiet of a four stroke.

The 1.8-liter V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft features Yamaha’s advanced 16-valve double-overhead cam (DOHC) four-cylinder design, which Yamaha says provides better breathing for better performance; sixteen valves also mean more power and midrange torque. They are fed by a large single throttle body with Yamaha’s long-track intake system and a free-flow exhaust. Without the need for two-stroke oil or an oil tank, this X-Shaft model weighs 386 pounds, beating a competitor’s two stroke in weight.

The new V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft is built for deep-V aluminum fishing boats, bay boats, center console or multi-species boats. It is also designed to provide all the benefits associated with four-stroke power, including clean, quiet operation and fuel efficiency.

F90 outboard

Yamaha’s next-generation F90 four-stroke outboard is lighter and quicker than its predecessor, which the company says leads its class in torque and acceleration. With the new F90, Yamaha has also introduced a new F75 in the same engine family.

Like the F70 before it, the new F90 and F75 employ a single overhead camshaft to drive four valves per cylinder, thereby saving weight while increasing volumetric efficiency – and making more power. Weighing in at 353 pounds, the F90 is thirteen pounds lighter than its predecessor and displaces 1.8 liters versus 1.6 liters.

The F90 is also quieter. The outboards can be paired with several Yamaha propellers with the exclusive Shift Dampener System (SDS), including Talon (GP and Pontoon), for even greater quiet and comfort.

The F90 and F75 are compatible with Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS) for slow trolling and better fishing. They can be rigged for use with Yamaha’s multifunction tiller handle, and feature improved charging, with 35 amps of power over the previous 25 amps. The F90 and F75 are both compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link 6Y8 and 6YC digital gauges, as well as Yamaha’s Y-COP, for increased theft protection and security. A redesigned and improved long-span mounting system provides smooth operation.

F25 outboard

Yamaha added the F25 to its lineup of four-stroke outboards. Weighing less than 126 pounds, the smallest of Yamaha’s midrange outboards, the F25 is light, compact and portable.

The company says the new F25 has the best power-to-weight ratio of all 25 horsepower outboards and features no-battery-required Electronic Fuel Injection and an all-new two-cylinder powerhead that’s all Yamaha. Two valves per cylinder and a single overhead cam mean the new F25 is lighter than any of its competitors.

For greater control, the F25 also features a pull start through the cowling, which comes standard on all electric start models, except for the F25LC. The VTS, standard on all F25C tiller handle models, allows boats to troll slower than standard in-gear idle speed for better fishing. Improved, built-in handles provide greater portability and easier handling, while the updated tiller handle features new ergonomics and a new shifter position.

The F25 includes several new updates that make it more convenient than its predecessor. For example, the outboard is now resting-pad equipped on two sides for more storage options. The external oil draining system offers easy maintenance for either dealer or consumer. And an electric starting kit is available as a field upgrade.

Rigging components

Yamaha’s new Remote Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS™) and new “704” Shift Control for mechanical operation were built to help improve the overall boating experience.

There is now no gauge required for the new Remote Variable Trolling RPM Switch for easy control of Yamaha’s variable trolling function. The switch is compatible with Yamaha models F25C through F115 and V MAX SHO 115. The helm-mounted remote switch connects to the tiller handle input on the outboard. The controls were designed to be a low-cost upgrade with big consumer benefit to make fishing and boating easier.

The new “704” Throttle and Shift Control for mechanical operation has new aesthetics and a contemporary appearance, which means more options for rigging the latest boats. The control also features better ergonomics with a shorter chrome handle and a better feel with the same great performance.

150 to 300 hp propellers

Yamaha Marine Group announced three new propellers for boaters who prefer 150-to-300 horsepower: the new Reliance SDS propeller, the new Saltwater Series II propeller, and the new Saltwater Series HS4 propeller. All three propellers now feature improved SDS technology, delivering greater convenience for boaters.

Yamaha’s Saltwater Series II SDS propellers are designed specifically for Yamaha F200 through F300 V6 outboards. These propellers feature a large blade area and progressive rake angle to provide great acceleration with load-carrying capacity for large boats. They help deliver fuel economy on large boats, particularly at mid-range throttle. Exclusive SDS technology means super-quiet shifting and smooth, low-speed operation. The propeller requires no special tools or hardware for operation and is available in 17- through 23-inch pitches as well as 13-inch and 15-inch for dialed-in performance.

Yamaha’s Reliance Series SDS propellers are designed for Yamaha large inline four-cylinder, four-stroke outboards in the F150 through F200 range. The Reliance Series SDS propellers also feature Yamaha’s exclusive SDS technology for quiet shifting and smooth, low-speed operation and, like the Saltwater Series II SDS propellers, require no special tools or hardware for operation. These propellers are available in 13- through 21-inch pitches, in right- and left-hand rotation.

The new Saltwater Series HS4 SDS four-blade propellers are suitable for use with any Yamaha 200-to-300-horsepower four-stroke outboard. The high-performance V6 propellers have added grip in turns and higher mounting heights. When compared to three-blade propellers, they deliver improved acceleration and low-rpm planing. SDS technology means smooth quiet operation and, like the Saltwater Series II and Reliance propellers, there is no special hardware to install. The Saltwater Series HS4 SDS propellers are available in 21 through 23-inch pitches, in right- and left-hand rotation.

Talon propellers

The new TalonPontoon and Talon GP Aluminum SDS propellers bring Yamaha’s exclusive SDS technology to the thrust-optimized Talon family and deliver quiet performance to midrange-powered pontoons and lighter boats.

The Talon Pontoon and Talon GP SDS Propellers are built to greatly reduce or eliminate the clunk that is sometimes associated with shifting in-line four-stroke outboards into gear. They also provide smooth and quiet in-gear operation, even at very low speeds, and SDS can also reduce the more audible sounds that can be transmitted to aluminum boats as well.

Talon Pontoon SDS Propellers are cast in polished stainless steel. They have a significantly larger blade area that helps provide thrust and control, with added grip and reduced ventilation in turns – which the company says is perfect for larger pontoons.

Talon GP aluminum propellers provide excellent grip on the water, especially in turns, and are ideal for a variety of lighter weight boats and applications using T50-F115 outboards. No special tools or hardware is required for operation.

Both Talon Pontoon SDS and Talon GP SDS Propellers fit Yamaha T50, T60 and F70 through F115 four-stroke engines. They also fit 60-horsepower through 130-horsepower two-stroke Yamaha outboards.

For more information, visit www.yamahaoutboards.com.

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