MiraTrex, Inc. announces acquisition of Simple Charts iOS app from Red Sky Engineering

TAMPA – MiraTrex, Inc., a Palm Harbor, Fla.-based developer/manufacturer focused on marine products, has announced the acquisition of the Simple Charts iOS App from Red Sky Engineering (formerly Derek Trauger & Associates).

Simple Charts, one of the first moving map nautical charting apps for the iOS platform, was introduced on the Apple App Store in 2011 and has continued to expand in functionality with multiple enhancements.

MiraTrex contracted with Red Sky in 2013 to develop a separate charting and navigation app, one that includes more advanced features and functions. Instead of continuing to develop the new app alongside Simple Charts, the companies decided the market would be better served by a completely new marine navigation solution, achieved by incorporating the new features developed by MiraTrex into the existing app.

The new product, MiraTrex PRO CHARTS, replaced Simple Charts on the Apple App Store in June 2015 and it is available for both the iPad and the iPhone. PRO CHARTS follows a traditional subscription-based pricing structure in line with other marine navigation software in the industry.

“As we were moving down the road map for our marine navigation app, we realized there was an opportunity to leverage Red Sky’s product and create a more robust solution for the marketplace,” noted MiraTrex President Jay Stipe. “We feel strongly that the new PRO CHARTS app will enable boaters to use their iOS devices to navigate accurately and safely without the need for expensive, panel-mounted marine navigation equipment.”

The basic PRO CHARTS app is offered as a free download on the iTunes App Store, which includes in-app purchase options of $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year for a subscription that includes continuous updates to all U.S. marine charts, numerous advanced navigation features and all upcoming app upgrades and feature enhancements. Existing Simple Charts users are granted a one-time opportunity to get a one-year subscription at no cost.

“An extensive list of enhancements to the app are planned for the near future,” Stipe added. “Upcoming new features include global charts, hazard proximity warnings, electronic float plan filing and other safety features, the ability to see friends and groups of other users, weather displays, localized fishing regulations and more.”

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