Blue Gas Marine, Inc. expands authorized dealers and natural gas stations

APEX, N.C. — Blue Gas Marine, Inc., is expanding its network of authorized dealers and natural gas fueling station locations to ensure the Blue Gas Marine natural gas hybrid fuel system is readily available where it is in demand.  Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is the emerging green-energy corporation dedicated to make natural gas available for boats, as a clean and affordable fuel. The Company, headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, makes natural gas hybrid fuel-systems for existing gasoline and diesel engines and also makes the fuel available where boaters need it. The onboard fuel system is designed to be installed on existing outboard/inboard engines and uses natural gas in the compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) forms.  The system is an add-on that enables any boat to use natural gas without disruption to its existing fuel system, thereby cutting the cost of fuel and turning the boat cleaner and greener. The company markets its hybrid fuel-systems and natural gas fuel to frequent boat operators such as commercial fishermen, charter boats, ferries, tugs, large ships, the military and recreational users.

Dealers can see the natural gas fuel system first hand at the upcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show March 26-29, at the Intrepid Powerboat slip 7 Ramps 761-764.  The full system is installed on the Intrepid Powerboat 327CC.  The Blue Gas Marine team will be on hand to talk in detail about the system and provide more information for Dealers.

Miguel Guerreiro, company President and CEO, said, “We have a growing demand for our natural gas fuel system so now we are looking to expand our network of authorized dealerships and fueling station locations.  We partner with marinas and marine service centers, who we train and certify, to perform the installations of our natural gas systems. Many of these locations also serve as fueling stations on the water and near water for dry stacks as well.  This is really a great opportunity for marinas and marine service centers to grow right along with us, and we are excited about that.”

Blue Gas Marine’s ideal partners are marinas with boats stored on site wet/dry and marine service centers with the ability to perform installations, which Blue Gas Marine, Inc. trains and certifies. Each authorized dealer will have a demo boat running on the natural gas fuel system, be trained and certified by Blue Gas Marine, Inc., have the ability to dispense the fuel on the water via one of the fueling solutions and be warranty servicers for one or more engine brands.  The Company is looking to expand operations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and California specifically, and across the US in general.  To be an authorized dealer, a Marina or Marine Service Center can contact Blue Gas Marine at

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. has multiple fueling options for partners to consider including:  on-site fixed fuel station with piped natural gas provided by the utility company or mobile fuel stations to dispense fuel at that location.  Dealers can continue to do installations without a filling station on-site as some locations are already served by public CNG stations and private CNG stations that share their facility with Blue Gas Marine customers. Also the Company makes available a fill-at-home Natural Gas dispenser. With so many different types of fueling options and locations, Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is making it easier for boaters to adopt Natural Gas as a marine fuel and open the market for dealers to prosper.

Most boat installations can be completed within 8-20 hours depending on the configuration of the installation for the Blue Gas Marine natural gas system and some require fiberglass work.  Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is currently offering the new system to gasoline boats with planned expansion to diesel boats.  Also, there are federal and state incentives in the form of quarterly rebates, tax credits, and reimbursements that allow for both fueling infrastructure and on-board fuel system installations to recoup a significant portion of the initial cost.

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is committed to assist all authorized dealers with marketing, media attention, sales events on site, in their area and at boat shows, along with directing customers from their area to them for the installations.

­­Operating on natural gas cuts the fuel expenses by more than 50%, while also extending the life of engines. In most states, boaters will be able to take advantage of the Natural Gas available to fuel up at $1.50 per gasoline gallon equivalent.  The flexibility offered by operating a Blue Gas Marine hybrid fuel system, that switches between fuels instantly and on-demand, reduces the risk of making the change, as the boats remain operational, even when taken to areas where natural gas supply is initially not available. The fuel savings cover the cost of the fuel system in under one year, for most frequent boaters.  The addition of a Blue Gas Marine hybrid fuel system increases safety and security for boaters, if the original fuel system fails the natural gas fuel system can see the boater to safety alleviating the need for towing.

Blue Gas Marine is taking orders for the new hybrid and dedicated fuel systems and expanding throughout 2015.  Interested dealers, customers and investors can learn more at, and through its Facebook and Linked-In pages.

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  1. hello
    i think lpg and cng is great i have a 30ft
    center console boat with twin yamaha 250 hp
    300 hrs can i convert it to cng ?

    thanks and hope so
    michael trojano

  2. The fact that you are expanding the amount of natural gas refueling stations is amazing. With natural gas costing a lot less to fuel your car then gasoline it is a great alternative. The only disadvantage is the stations are not to readily available. But having one at your house could solve that problem pretty easily. But with this expansion they will be more available and natural gas cars would be more feasible then they are now.

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