Don Cooper Biographical Information

Let’s be honest: You don’t really care where Don was born, where he went to school or what his degree was in. You don’t care whether he’s married or has kids, pets or houseplants. You don’t care about his awards, the organizations he belongs to or the number of publications in which his articles have appeared. You don’t even care about the books he’s written, because these days it seems like everybody and their housecleaner has written a book.

When it comes down to it, there are only three things about Don you really care about:
1. Does he know what he’s talking about?
2. Will I enjoy hearing him?
3. Can he help me produce real results back at my dealership?

All fair questions. Here are your answers:

1. Don’s sales career started at the age of seven, selling seeds, greeting cards and other items door-to-door. Through high school, college and beyond, he sold both products and services, to consumers and businesses. His last “real job” was with a Washington, D.C., delivery company that, under his leadership, grew by an average of 38% a year. So he definitely knows sales.

“Don covers everything from hello to congratulations. This information is top-notch.”—Dan O’Leary, Bluewater Yacht Sales

Don also knows boats. Having spent more than seven years conducting research and training in the marine industry, Don speaks the same language you do. Which means you won’t get generic advice that may or may not apply to you. You’ll receive ideas and tactics that are specific to you, that you can implement immediately.

“Very knowledgeable about boat selling.”—Ronald Wooley, Red Wing Boat Company

2. However, knowing a lot about a subject doesn’t make a person a great speaker. You’ve probably suffered through presentations by people who were clearly experts, but were so boring you had to fight to stay awake. Fortunately, Don also brings a performer’s background to his presentations. He has acted on stage and film, appeared in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus, and even performed at the legendary comedy club, The Improv. This experience contributes to his command of the platform and his ability to keep audiences entertained and involved for hours at a time.

“Don was outstanding in getting his points across. (He) was fun and kept everyone involved.”—Trent Freeze, Maiden Creek Marine

3. By combining his sales expertise and performance skills, Don delivers programs that are both inspiring and practical. Audience members get unique insights and relevant tools they can use immediately to increase their sales. Which is why Don is typically the highest-rated speaker at conferences and why his clients often bring him back again and again.

“This is my 3rd year (attending Don’s program) and my sales have skyrocketed!”—Bob Maris, The Boat King

Don conducts dealer training in addition to sales presentations. For more information, email him by clicking here, call him at 303/832-4248 or visit him online at

“The entire session was directed at exactly what we do and there was no wasted or useless information. That was the best sales seminar I have ever attended! Thank you!!!”—Katy McDaniel, Lakeshore Sport

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