2009 Top 100 Leadership Alliance Member

2009 Top 100 Leadership Alliance Member


The Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) was formed in the fall of 1971 by a group of 12 committed marine dealers. Since that time MRAA has grown to be a vital voice in the marine industry. The purpose of starting a not-for-profit corporation was to promote the recreational marine industry and the welfare of the marine retailer. This purpose has not changed and those principles are still used to guide the association today. MRAA’s mission is:

  • To foster better understanding among its members;
  • To raise the standards of retailing within the industry;
  • To provide for its members a common source of information concerning all aspects of marine retailing;
  • To stimulate a continuing exchange of ideas among its members;
  • To establish a position of common defense against acts prejudicial to the common growth of the industry;
  • To promote sound growth of the retail marketing of boats, motors and accessories through the cultivation of good will and understanding; and
  • To endeavor to assure that every member shall realize his/her efforts of investment that fair return which characterizes the American system of free enterprise.
  • Prior to the development of MRAA the dealer had no voice within the industry and no control over issues concerning them in Washington or with manufacturers. The development of MRAA was crucial in the course of the recreational boating industry.

    The leader of the “cause” to form MRAA was Dominic Bonfanti, a Louisiana marine dealer, who had been in business since 1956 and sensed the need for better representation for the dealers. He enlisted 11 other strong dealers to help him with this ambitious effort to form the association. One industry leader commented, “MRAA was much needed. The industry was growing around the dealer, and it wasn’t concerned with what happened to the dealer, when in fact, the key to the whole operation was the dealer. The manufacturers didn’t know the dealers.”

    MRAA would not have gotten off the ground without the help of the Boating Trades Association of Metro Houston (BTAMH) and the forerunner of the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the huge financial support of the Boating Trades Association of Texas. For more information, visit www.mraa.com.

    Dealers around the country realized they needed to make their voices heard and responded to the call quickly. Dealers needed a focal point and MRAA quickly became that. MRAA provided the process and let dealers have their say and establish the place of the retail business in the industry.

    MRAA quickly grew to its present size and began representing dealers and providing services. MRAA offers a number of very attractive advantages thru membership.

    MRAA maintains a full time presence in Washington, DC to monitor legislation and regulatory agencies that directly affect your business. MRAA offers a comprehensive array of benefits:

  • Insurance Programs
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Credit Card Processing Systems
  • Succession Planning Books
  • Customer Service Systems
  • Discounted Freight Programs
  • Internet Expertise

    MRAA encourages the input and participation of the entire membership and encourages them to join the various committees that exist. Opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Legislative Action Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Convention Committee
  • Insurance Committee
  • Internet Committee
  • Dealer Certification Committee
  • MRAA also represents the retail point of view as a member or representative to approximately 30 national and state associations and coalitions ranging from governmental, law enforcement, environmental, conservational and a wide range of industry groups.

    MRAA expands the scope of each individual retailer who cannot possible and properly hope to “cover all the bases” in today’s complex and complicated business environment. www.mraa.com

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