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Self-Supporting Boat Covers
Taylor Made Products has introduced the new BoatGuard self-supporting technology boat covers to expedite rainwater runoff, eliminating puddles. The covers, made of 100-percent marine grade pigment coated polyester, incorporate a design with flexible support poles integrated into the fabric to help retain a firm convex surface. The covers are fully supported over the entire length of the boat, need no additional supports or frames, and are highly water-repellent and UV, mold, mildew and algae fungi resistant, according to the company. For more information, email

Windmeters from Speedtech
Speedtech Instruments introduces the WindMate 100, the first in a series of compact (measuring 1.2″ X 3.28″ X .38″), highly accurate and water resistant wind meters. The unit features current and maximum windspeed in mph, kph, knots, feet/second and meters/second and reads in tenths up to 99.9. WindMate 100 has a backlight, comes with replaceable Lithium battery and weighs only two ounces, according to the company. For more information, call 703/430-8055 or visit

Shakespeare Cell Phone Adapters
Extend the range of your cell phone with Shakespeare’s line of CPA adapters. Models are now available to accommodate a wide range of cell phones. The 5-foot CPA adapter cable allows the cell phone to connect directly to the cellular antenna’s TNC connector. The CPA adapter cable and cell phone can be docked quickly with the optional CDP-2 Dash Mount. For more information, Shakespeare C&E, PO Box 733, Newberry, SC 29108 or visit

Video Conferencing Capabilities from Viseon
Viseon Inc. is offering VisiFone, a broadband videophone, to yacht and ship owners around the world. According to Viseon, using marine broadband satellite or satcom systems now available, yacht and ship owners and their crews can communicate anywhere in the world with TV-quality, two-way video conferencing. Its self-contained system does not require a PC or any external equipment. The VisiFone operates on any broadband connection including high-speed Internet connections via DSL or cable modem. The VisiFone is H.323 compliant and, according to the company, delivers up to 30 frames per second video and crisp audio quality utilizing 128k to 512k of bandwidth. For more information, visit

Dutton-Lainson Spare Tire Bracket
Dutton-Lainson introduced D-L Model #6121 — a newly designed heavy-duty spare tire bracket. This bracket is designed to be easy to mount, sleek in appearance and offer maximum durability. This two piece unit, according to the manufacturer, is stronger than ever, allowing it to carry up to 14-inch tires on 3-inch by 5-inch trailer tongues. Available in a durable black powder-coated painted finish or Tuffplate finish, the bracket extends the spare tire up and away from the trailer and boat to avoid marring of the finish or damage to the boat. For more information call 402/462-4141 or visit

CellSocket Wireless to Wired Communication
CellSocket brings to the marine industry a product designed to make communicating on the water much easier. For marine applications, CellSocket integrates with existing onboard communication systems and allows the user to make and receive cellular calls on any one of the telephone handsets onboard. CellSocket’s integral antenna can be interchanged with popular marine antennas, ensuring full battery charge to cell phones at all times, according to the company. CellSocket is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials and is compatible with many Nokia phones. A new model available Fall 2003 will accommodate the newest Motorola phone models. For more information, visit

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