Kenect launches new messaging product

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Kenect, the text messaging platform used by thousands of businesses, is launching a new Broadcast Messaging feature to improve communication between businesses and their customers.

Businesses who use Kenect will now be able to message large groups of customers all at once. Kenect says this will dramatically change the way businesses communicate important information and cut down on the time employees spend on customer interactions.

This new product was created after getting feedback from businesses who use Kenect. Many were looking for a way to send personalized messages on a larger scale.

“Traditionally, Kenect only allowed 1-to-1 texting,” said Ryan Browne, VP of Customer Success. “Our platform supported conversation and interactions between businesses and their consumers. With this new product, we’re introducing broadcast messaging as another option to conveniently interact with many consumers all at once.”

Kenect wanted to create something that was fast, simple, and would help streamline costs.

“Consider the cost and time spent on other forms of marketing communications: Direct mailers, emails, social media ads, phone calls, etc. While all of these have their benefits, none of them can compare to the scalability and effectiveness of the most broadly used communication method – text messaging,” said Browne. “Broadcast messaging is the most effective and efficient way to share a message with a specific group of individuals.”

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