NMLA announces new board members, 2019 officers

The National Marine Lenders Association has announced the results of the association’s recent election for three board seats and the board’s confirmation of officers.

The candidates elected to serve on the Board of Directors through 2021 are incumbent Jim Coburn, managing director, Coburn & Associates (MIch.), Ken Donner, senior vice president and director of retail marine credit for Shore Premier Finance (Va.), a division of Centennial Bank, and Noelle Norvell, president of Luxury Financial Group (Fla).

The slate of officers for 2019 will be John Haymond, president (Medallion Bank, Utah), Robert Dunford Jr, vice president (Trident Funding LLC, (Conn.), Jackie Forese, secretary (Forest Green Associates, N.Y.), and William Otto, treasurer (Lake Effect Financial Services, (Mich.)

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