Freedom Boat Club extends its network with new San Diego location

Freedom Boat Club (FBC), the nation’s oldest and largest boating club, is expanding into southern California. Twenty-five years launching in Florida, FBC will become a coast-to-coast network when it opens in San Diego on July 26.

The newest franchise of FBC, located at Dana Landing Marina, will be its 80th location across the nation and the first one west of Texas.

“This is a huge milestone for us,” said FBC President and CEO John Giglio. “Up until now our members have had access to waterways all across the eastern seaboard, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. But this adds a whole new dimension to our club and opportunities for the future.”

FBC has experienced steady growth in franchises and membership based on its model of offering affordable, hassle-free boating for a simple monthly fee. Members not only have a choice of multiple boats at each location but avoid the typical frustrations associated with boat ownership: maintenance, repair, storage, cleaning, towing trailers, etc.

Dan Hasbrouck, who along with his wife, Jennifer, is owner-operator of the San Diego franchise, relishes his role as the pioneer who is bringing FBC to the west coast.

“The more people learn about Freedom Boat Club the more enthusiastic they become about the concept,” Hasbrouck said. “I am originally from Sarasota, (Florida) and have been boating most of my life. After owning boats for many years I joined Freedom Boat Club and became an enthusiastic believer.”

Hasbrouck said his biggest challenge has been explaining how the club works to people in southern California who are not familiar with the advantages of belonging to Freedom Boat Club.

“Some people confuse it with a timeshare or yacht club,” Hasbrouck said. “I tell them Freedom Boat Club operates more like a health club. You pay monthly dues and get unlimited use. They are pleasantly surprised.”

Dana Landing Marina is located on Mission Bay, which is just minutes from downtown San Diego. The marina offers easy access to the Pacific Ocean and various inlets and islets that feature a wide array of water sports, sightseeing and fishing. Mission Bay has a designated skiing area that’s ideal for a tubing and wakeboarding.

Dana Landing Market and Fuel Dock is a full-service facility, offering a wide variety of food, snacks, beverages, fishing equipment and accessories.

Members of FBC’s San Diego location will have access to: a 23-foot, 2014 Pro Line cuddy cabin; a 21-foot, 2014 Hurricane deck boat; and a 23-foot, 2014 Pro Line center console.

“Our members will be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities in a variety of boats,” Hasbrouck said. “At our location, you can go boating year-round. You can ski, tube or wakeboard at certain times of the year and go fishing or whale-watching at other times.

“I have the advantage of knowing all the benefits of belonging to Freedom Boat Club and how simple it is. The more people on the west coast learn about it the more they are going to appreciate it. It truly is hassle-free.”


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