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F&I Guy: Easing Collateral Damage

In addition to their fears of maintaining capital requirements and the unfolding worries of financial regulatory reform, lenders have growing concerns about establishing collateral values of boats and motors. They have been saddled with under- or non-performing loans across their product offerings from secured debt such as real estate to toxic credit card receivables. While they have received some help ...

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Fed tries to ease credit crunch

Credit is too restricted, especially for small businesses, according to Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, and he’s making speeches to get the word out. The marine industry has been saying the same thing for months, but such high level acknowledgement is a sign that change may be underway and now might be the right time to ...

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Misplaced Ire

Vitriol directed at the marine lending community may appear justified by businesses that have been curtailed or consumers with foreclosed loans on their boats. Yet the energy expended in the seething anger at specific banks, individuals, or trade associations could be better channeled by those throwing darts to remind the financial community that boating, though diminished, is here to stay. ...

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