New video vault provides fresh, organized content for industry

Discover Boating recently released its new video vault on The vault’s purpose is to provide a home for fresh video content covering the boating lifestyle.

Discover Boating has always housed videos on its website but the new vault organizes them in a way that is categorized by content type, such as Discover Boating’s Stories of Discovery, lifestyle videos, how-to videos and more.

“We hope that these [videos] will spark interest and engage consumers as we work with them through that exploration phase of boat ownership,” said Ellen Hopkins, vice president of marketing communications at the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

The vault also hosts third-party videos from across the industry, with content provided by U.S. Powerboating, U.S. Power Squadrons and BoatUS. The third-party videos are aimed at educating users on topics from boating basics to activities such as fishing, water sports and more.

“It’s all in the idea of sharing content and working together with other industry stakeholders to make sure we’re providing helpful videos for the consumer,” said Hopkins.

Industry stakeholders are encouraged to use and share these videos. When website users click on a video in the vault, an icon appears next to the title that directs users to the link for the specific video. This link is usable for social media posts.

Hopkins says the videos, for the most part, are generic and not obviously branded, so they are accessible for all types of industry stakeholders to use to their advantage. Dealers and manufacturers benefit from these videos because it provides potential boaters with information and keeps them engaged, attracting them to understanding and learning more about boat ownership and the benefits of the boating lifestyle.

“Boating is inherently visual, so it captures that feeling [or] emotion of being on the water, especially for those lifestyle [and] Stories of Discovery videos,” said Hopkins.

The how-to videos also allow customers to become better educated through a visual medium, which is particularly beneficial for marine businesses that want to appeal to new boaters.

“That’s a fantastic tool for someone who’s new to boating and wants to have that content that can provide them the how-to in more of a visual way. It’s a lot easier to learn when you have visuals than just reading something,” said Hopkins.

Discover Boating will continue adding content to the vault, such as the 2015 Stories of Discovery campaign, which Hopkins says will likely launch in May. Whenever new content is created, it will automatically upload to the vault, where dealers and manufacturers can grab it and use as often as they would like.

Hopkins says it is important to continue creating content to keep potential boaters engaged and grow boating.

“Any fresh content is always important for a website and these videos really help put a spotlight on that fresh content for Discover Boating and attract people to the site, which then gets them off to manufacturer sites to find boats to shop for,” said Hopkins. “That’s the ultimate goal.”

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