Bryant Boats selects Clarion as exclusive marine audio systems supplier

Bryant Boats has selected Clarion Corporation of America as its exclusive supplier of marine-grade audio and entertainment systems, beginning with 2017 model year boats.

“Bryant chose exclusivity with Clarion for many reasons, the biggest of which was Clarion’s unwavering focus on designing products specifically for the marine industry. Whilst many other companies focus on car or home audio, most treat marine as an afterthought,” said Ben Dorton, president of Bryant Boats. “In contrast, Clarion offers an impressive lineup of durable audio systems specifically designed for use on the water, with marine-grade specifications.

“We plan to broadcast the quality and cutting edge features of Clarion’s audio systems to our customers throughout the world,” he added. “Our customers identify Clarion as a premium marine-grade audio systems provider and we believe that Clarion is the only system supplier that offers high enough quality and durability suitable for the boats they own. Pairing Clarion’s world-class marine-grade audio systems with our world-class boats was a no brainer.”

By replicating prolonged UV exposure, simulating the humid saltwater environment and testing for thermal shock to imitate quick changes in temperature, Clarion says it ensures that its marine lineup can withstand the rigors of the harsh marine environment season after season.

“For decades, Clarion has been a dominant force in marine audio, and today we are proud to offer one of the industry’s largest portfolios of marine-grade audio systems, speakers, amplifiers and accessories,” stated Paul S. Lachner, president of Clarion Corporation of America. “Bryant Boats takes great pride in handcrafting each of their vessels from the highest-quality materials, as well as outfitting them with the latest technology.

“Because of this, they have earned a reputation for quality, durability and performance. As a premium provider of marine audio systems, Clarion too has earned a very similar reputation in the business,” he added. “We are pleased that Bryant Boats recognizes the value of providing their customers with the best our industry has to offer, and excited to take our business relationship further as their exclusive provider of marine entertainment systems.”

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