MasterCraft introduces the X26

VONORE, Tenn. – MasterCraft (NASDAQ:MCFT) today unveiled the new X26, the latest addition to its 2016 boat line.

Handcrafted in MasterCraft’s U.S.-based manufacturing facility in Vonore, Tenn., the X26 has been built using materials including precision-cut fiberglass, hand-stitched upholstery, improved gelcoat gloss levels and retention as well as jewel-like billet aluminum.

The X26’s interior offers an adaptable layout that morphs from an intimate setting to a spacious lounge capable of accommodating a guest list of 18 passengers. Designed with entertaining in mind, the X26 has an optional head, built-in sink, refrigerator, multiple Igloo coolers, hidden trash receptacles and gas-assisted shocks providing one-handed access to storage compartments.

The X26 was built for the family embarking on an all-day cruise and can also provide profound wake-shaping capabilities. The boat debuts a completely redesigned hull shape including a draft height and dead rise for improved maneuverability. Its 2,800-pound built-in rotocast ballast tank capacity helps create wakeboarding while the Gen 2 Surf System and new hull design kicks up surf waves.

The boat comes with an intuitive optional Murphy touchscreen that controls everything from the size and shape of the wave to the premium light and sound systems. From steady cruising to hanging it up for the day, the process is as hands-off with MasterCraft’s optional GPS-assisted ZeroOff cruise control and proprietary bow thruster that allows for effortless docking.

The X26 comes with a 6.2L Ilmor engine with a 7.4L upgrade also available. Marinized exclusively for MasterCraft by Ilmor, these engines are built in the same factory responsible for more than 280 IndyCar wins and 18 victories at the Indianapolis 500.

The boat comes with personalization options with its color packages and GoPro-ready camera mounts. As with all MasterCraft boats, the X26 is backed by a five-year bow-to-stern warranty.

MasterCraft dealers will begin taking orders for the X26 immediately.

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  1. Sweetbaby Wilson

    I guess you people that make these boats dont live on a river with a boat, pier, boathouse and a bulkheaded lot. All these boats do is tear up everything. No body on our river can leave their boats tied up to their piers and enjoy the water because they just get damaged and tore up. Not to mention trying to anchor and fish or go swiming and look up an here comes 4 foot surf waves at you as stated above. These kind of people should have a little more common sense and remember that they are liable for there wake (surf waves) an damage they do…

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