Bass Pro Shops renews support of fishing education fund

A child shows her excitement after catching a fish during a Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) event at the George Bush Presidential Library on Thursday, April 14, 2016, in College Station, Texas. RBFF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating, thereby protecting and restoring the nationÕs aquatic natural resources. (Aaron M. Sprecher/AP Images for RBFF)

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation recently announced the George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar Education Fund will once again receive support from Bass Pro Shops.

A $50,000 donation will help the Education Fund in its mission to provide educational fishing and boating opportunities to Hispanic communities and urban areas.

“The need to engage this important audience has been clear to us for several years now, and it’s encouraging to see the same support from such a large player in the industry,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “Our friends at Bass Pro Shops know just how critical this Education Fund is to the future of our industry. The work carried out by the George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar Education Fund would not be possible without the support of organizations like Bass Pro Shops, and for that we are grateful.”

Thanks in part to RBFF’s work to engage this audience through programs like the Education Fund, Hispanic participation in fishing rose 11 percent to 3.8 million participants in 2016, according to the 2017 Special Report on Fishing.

Additionally, the Hispanics who participate in fishing spend more time on the water. In fact, this group spends six more days per year on the water than their general market peers.

Programs receiving funding from the George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar Education Fund have taken major strides in engaging the Hispanic community and inspiring the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, said Bass Pro Shops Director of Conservation, Martin MacDonald.

“It was an easy decision for us to continue our support of this important initiative,” MacDonald said. “We’re proud to help create lifelong anglers and boaters that will understand the importance of conservation and positively impact nature for generations.”

The George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar Education Fund was initiated 2015 with a $125,000 donation from Bass Pro Shops Founder and CEO Johnny Morris to increase awareness of, and participation in, fishing, boating and conservation activities through grassroots educational programs and on-the-water activities held in high-density Hispanic communities.

With the help of continued support from Bass Pro Shops and donations from other individuals, companies and associations, the Education Fund supports local programs to engage the entire family in fishing and boating, and focuses on multiple engagements rather than one-day events to foster long-term participation in the sport.

The 2017 round of grants brought funding to 12 local organizations through six separate state agencies. In all, $70,000 was distributed to grantees in California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Texas.

More information about the George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar Education Fund is available at

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  1. This is really great news. This donation become helpful for Hispanic communities and urban areas. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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