Suzuki unveils new 350 hp model

Suzuki Marine unveiled its all-new flagship DF350A V6 four-stroke in Boca Raton, Fla., last week at a gala global unveiling for boatbuilders and media.

The all-new DF350A – described as “the ultimate four-stroke outboard” – features a wealth of new technology for Suzuki. Built on a 4.4L block, the 727-pound engine is the largest, most powerful outboard the company has built to date. In development for more than three years, it features a high-performance 12.0:1 compression ratio, the highest ever for a production outboard engine, and the debut of contra-rotating propellers on a production outboard.

“We have put a lot of work into this new outboard and we cannot wait to see how the market responds. We have watched with great interest as boats have gotten bigger, especially the center console market,” said Yasuharu Osawa, Suzuki’s executive general manager, global marine and power products operation. “Not only that, but we’ve seen an increasing preference for outboards on all kinds of boats that used to be exclusively sterndrive or inboard. The time is ripe for this new outboard, and we think you’re going to love it.”

The most obvious new feature to the DF350A is its contra-rotating three-blade propellers. While contra-rotating props have been used on inboard pod installations for years, the big Suzuki marks their first appearance on a production outboard. The twin props provide enhanced grip while retaining a smaller, more streamlined gearcase for less drag, greater fuel efficiency and faster acceleration and top speeds.

“This engine has been designed and engineered to power bigger and heavier boats of all kinds, and without sacrificing reliability of efficiency,” said Suzuki Motor of America Product Planning Manager David Greenwood. “In zero to 30 acceleration, the DF350 is faster than the Yamaha 350 and the Mercury 350, and also achieved a higher top-end speed than the supercharged Mercury. It’s also more fuel efficient than either the Yamaha or Mercury 350. In other words, new DF350 is a superior motor in every area that’s important to today’s boater.”

Additional features on the DF350A include digital shift and throttle, Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control technology, an offset driveshaft engine layout and two-stage gear reduction. The engine can be mounted 2 -inches on center for easy installation on a variety of transoms, while taking up less space in twin, triple and quad mounts. Compatibility with conventional hydraulic steering and SeaStar joystick controls make the new engine an attractive choice for repowering as well. Available in a choice of black or white finishes and fully NMEA 2000-compliant, the new engine runs on standard 90-octane fuel.

Manufactured in Suzuki’s Toyokawa plant in Japan, the DF350A begins shipping to U.S. dealers in July.

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