Survey: Attitudes on new markets little changed

Those working in the boating industry are still much more concerned about bringing younger buyers into the market than they are about attracting non-white buyers, according to the latest Boating Industry reader survey.

We surveyed readers of Boating Industry’s print and digital products, including dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and others working in the boating industry in August to learn more about their attitudes and concerns regarding younger and minority customers.

See the October issue of Boating Industry to see more from the survey.

Despite a fairly significant effort by many industry groups to talk about the issue over the last several years, the results were mostly unchanged from when we conducted a similar survey in 2014.

Millennials a top concern

After a decade-long climb upward, the average buyer age appears to be declining slightly over the last couple of years.

The average boat buyer was 51.4 years old in 2015, down from 51.9 in 2014 and 52.4 in 2013, according to analysis by Info-Link Technologies.

Despite that, more than 60 percent of respondents are at least somewhat concerned about the aging buyer base in the boating industry, while 32 percent are very concerned about it. Those numbers are essentially unchanged from 2014 when 65 percent were concerned about the issue. Only 5 percent were not concerned at all – the same level as in 2014.

More than two-thirds of the readers said they are actively attempting to attract Millennials buyers through their marketing and customer outreach. Those efforts seem to be paying off for some companies, as almost all respondents reported getting at least some business from Millennials.

While, it’s not a huge portion of the business for most readers (yet), 22 percent said they are getting more than 20 percent of their business from buyers under 35 years old. More than half are getting more than 10 percent of their business from the group.

Reaching new markets

Affordability was the most common challenge cited when reaching out to minority buyers. Readers also said there is a general lack of interest in boating among many groups, with many noting the common concern that they have not been exposed to the activity, especially as children.

Still, the issue is of much less concern to most readers than the challenges of reaching younger buyers. Only 8 percent were very concerned about it, while another 19 percent was somewhat concerned. Again, those numbers were basically unchanged from 2014, when a total of 28 percent were concerned about it. More than half of respondents were somewhat unconcerned about the challenge, while 21 percent were not concerned at all.

See more from this survey in the October issue of Boating Industry.


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  1. Younger generations are the most diverse in our history. You cannot be concerned about attracting youth without being concerned about diversity. 62% are concerned about our aging customer and therefore the need to reach out to younger generations. But, 73% are not concerned about a lack of diversity. A younger, more diverse customer is the answer to concerns about our current aging customer.

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