Internet Explorer’s phase out and its effect on your website

A dealership’s first and best salesman is its website. The vast majority of customers are now researching online before they ever set foot in the store, and for that reason it is hugely important that dealership management personnel be aware of important Internet updates that will impact their business.

The latest update to be aware of: Microsoft has officially ended support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 as of January 12, 2016.

Why is this important for our dealership clients to know? Many of the Web-based applications that they actively use on a daily basis may only be available on one of these versions of Internet Explorer. At this point, most developers have transitioned into directly building software for alternate browsers such as Google Chrome. Until now, they have continued to support and upkeep software on Internet Explorer as well. But as of last month, that will no longer be happening.

Supporting older browsers like Internet Explorer can hurt dealers in a few critical ways. First and foremost, it is a threat to a dealership’s security via their website. With financial applications and e-commerce activity taking place on a dealership site, a fully secure user experience is crucial. There is now a much higher potential for security risk on Internet Explorer, and it isn’t just Microsoft that is beginning to drop support for it – other major companies such as Facebook and YouTube will do the same.

Less threatening but equally important to consider is that an outdated browser also prevents Web developers from making functionality improvements to dealership websites. A responsive platform upgrade, arguably one of the most important updates a dealership can choose to make for their website, would be incredibly difficult for a developer to perform for high quality visibility on an unsupported Internet Explorer browser.

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  1. If you take internet explorer 11away from us, it’ll cause a catastrophic. Change For A majority of users ! In which are mainly senior citizens. That
    Are mostly pc, illiterate, and just starting to learn internet explorer. In which are just starting to learn to trust, with their updates and support services.

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