AlumaSki designed as ‘go-anywhere’ PWC

The AlumaSki is not your average modern personal watercraft.

Sure, it has a jet pump and PWC-style handlebars, and the rider straddles its seat, but from first sight, it’s clear the AlumaSki is different. Most noticeable is the nearly flat, but thick, aluminum hull and its 5-foot width. Those differences are purposeful, however, as the AlumaSki has been designed as a “swift water adventure craft for use in shallow and hazardous water conditions,” according to AlumaSki developer Mackinnon Marine Technologies.

“We have a one-piece pre-stressed and bended aluminum bottom,” said Slavik Lund, who works in operations for Mackinnon Marine. “With a near flat bottom to it, this allows it to ride on top of the water and not through the water. It also gives our craft incredible shallow draft capabilities. We access parts of lakes and shallow water streams that no one else can come up to because the water levels are too shallow.”

The AlumaSki has been developed as a go-anywhere machine, especially for the outdoorsmen of Mackinnon Marine’s home state of Alaska. But with its versatility, Lund believes the PWC has endless potential throughout North America and beyond, in challenging swift and shallow water and in search and rescue operations.

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