From the archives: Improving service, 50 years later

For this From the Archives, we’re taking a ride in the WABAC machine to April 1965, where it appears the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The editorial column: Improving customer service. Editor Charles Jones shares his thoughts on a recent column in Printers’ Ink, taking the boating industry to task for poor customer service. It relates the story of lousy service two potential boat buyers received at the New York Boat Show that January (and sounds like something that we could have written this year or last year.)

“What a lot of us in the industry have worried about … and had cold shivers over … has at long last, been called by its right name. Our faults are catching up with us. …

“All winter, he reports, his friends had been reading ads in the boating magazines about a certain new boat. They were interested in it and they sought it out at the show. …

“Other complaints he cites: ‘Roped off and unmanned exhibits during peak traffic hours … salesmen who were so junior they didn’t know the product or so senior they didn’t care whether prospects showed up or not.’

“I’ve seen and experienced the very things he is writing about time and again and so have you … This is a national problem.”

The tips then were the same as the tips now: pay attention, greet customers, engage with them, find out what they want and need in a boat

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  1. I love this entry! Funny how we can look back to see what the problem is then is still somewhat of a problem now. A very good reminder that industry workers need to see.

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