What makes your dealership unique?

Every dealership has a quality that’s uniquely its own. Is your business family-owned? Do you have some sort of specialty or niche market? What about a calendar jam-packed with events? Your unique value proposition might be your service department, or it could be your dealership culture that makes you stand out from the rest.

So, what makes your business unique? If that question stumps you, read on. My goal in this article is to help you answer the question and encourage you to promote and capitalize on your unique value proposition through all of your sales and marketing efforts.

To get you thinking, here’s a few questions:

  • Does your business have an interesting history?
  • How do your customers perceive you?
  • Are you known for your wide selection of a particular brand or product?
  • What do you sell or service that can’t be found elsewhere?

Does your business fit into one of these unique profiles?

Family-owned. Many dealerships are handed down through generations and are managed and staffed by family members. Often, the business bears the family name. There is a great upside to marketing long-standing family businesses – they tend to be committed to the industry and have loyal customers based on a reputation established over decades that drives repeat business.

Event-driven. Are holding seasonal or annual events a core part of your marketing strategy? Dealerships that regularly organize events including boat tie-ups, customer appreciation days and holiday parties have established a social culture for their customers.

Charismatic leadership. Some businesses are successful because the owners and/or staff have genuine charisma. As a result, people naturally gravitate to and trust them. When a business is led by the charismatic charm of a particular person, that person “becomes” the dealership. They are the brand. They are what drives customers through the door and keeps them coming back.

Specialty. Are you the only business in the area that sells a specific brand? Do you offer custom work? Do you have the largest used inventory in the state? Building a reputation around a specialty can truly set you apart from all of the other dealers who are just stocking the OEMs 2015 lineup.

Once you’ve defined your unique value proposition, exploit it in every way possible! Need some ideas on how? Stay tuned for future posts from ARI on how to employ a digital marketing strategy that will help you Sell More Stuff!

Justin Di Vilio is program manager and sales team lead for ARI’s marine and RV divisions.


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