Weekly 5: Drone captures video of yacht fire

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1. Drone captures video of yacht fire

A fire that destroyed a $24 million yacht at a marina in California was captured on video when a boat captain shooting footage of a nearby boatyard flew his drone overhead.

The fire on the 112-foot boat forced about 100 workers to evacuate the marina, but no injuries were reported.

2. Dealers report strong West Palm show

While not at the levels of the boom, boat sales were healthy during the West Palm Summer Boat Show that ended Sunday.

3. How to deal with headache-inducing customers

The customer is always right … except when they’re not. Entrepreneur has its guide to the three types of headache-causing customers and how to deal with them.

4. An employee review disaster

This week on the New York Times small business blog, Paul Downs shares his “disturbing experience” with employee reviews.

5. How to use Facebook audience insights

Want to make sure your Facebook ads are reaching the right people? With data right at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever. Social Media Examiner offers advice on effectively using those insights.

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  1. $24 million yatch :O , huge disaster for the owner.

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