Marketing Corner: Which social media offer best engagement?

So you’ve got 5,000 Facebook fans or 3,000 Twitter followers – good job. But how much do those likes, followers and plus-ones matter?

Without engagement, not much.

A new study from Shareaholic might help us determine which networks drive the most engagement. According to their analysis, it’s YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn that deliver the biggest bang for the click, so to speak.

To make its determination, Shareaholic looked at six months of data across more than 200,000 sites reaching more than 250 million unique monthly visitors and examined three key data points: average time on site, average pages per visit and average bounce rate.

In other words, when someone clicked on a post on one of these sites, how much time and how much content are they absorbing when they get back to your site?

You Tube easily scored the best with the highest time on site, highest pages per visit and lowest bounce rate. Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook rounded out the Top 5. You can read the full report, with some useful charts, here.

What does this mean for your strategy? First of all, if you’re not posting videos on YouTube, that’s a must. Secondly, although Google+ and LinkedIn both drive much smaller numbers of referrals than Twitter and Facebook, they are more engaged when they do click through so those need to be part of your strategy as well.

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