Lessons from other Industries: Boost email marketing with a webinar

Marketing is a complex part of any business, and email marketing is even more complex.

According to the inbound marketing firm Hubspot, email list sizes degrade an average of 25 percent each year as people unsubscribe, change emails or just get bored and send you to the spam folder.  So businesses need to continually grow their email lists just to stay on an even keel.

Setting up a newsletter signup form is essential, but to really grow, you need incentives. Giveaway contests and coupons can get people signed up, but once the contest is over or the coupon is redeemed, subscribers who only valued the incentive can freely unsubscribe.

Building a rapport with those subscribers, however, can keep them clicking when there is nothing to gain. You can build value in your improve email marketing, staying relevant, fun or by getting emotional. Another way to build that rapport is a webinar.

The former marketer for the website design company DIYThemes wrote an article about gaining leads with a webinar with the tantalizing tile, How I Gained 1,054 Emails in 28 Days.

Whether your list is 50,000 or 150, more than 1,000 emails in a month is nothing to scoff at.

So how can you recreate his success? Give your customers something valuable, but require they give you an email address in turn. Requiring an email to register for the webinar is straight forward, and it’s a standard piece of most web-conferencing software out there.  Just make sure to stay compliant with anti-spam laws and note that attendees will be added to your email list.

Here are a few webinar ideas to start thinking creatively about your expertise:

  •  A safety seminar focused on fitting lifejackets and avoiding common boating injuries.
  • An interactive walk-around of some new arrivals.
  • A discussion with an engineer about what makes a new hull material so novel.
  • A primer on vital docking and sailing knots.

It doesn’t have to be a high-production extravaganza, but getting some face time (even online) is a great way to show customers, prospective dealers and anyone else that you know what you’re talking about.  That demonstration will go a long way to keeping them engaged and in tune with your marketing down the road.

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