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Weekly 5: Setbacks, victories for E15 at state level


The BI Weekly 5 is a collection of news, tips and data affecting the boating industry this week. Be sure to look for the BI Weekly 5 every Tuesday on BoatingIndustry.com.


1. Setbacks, victories for E15 at state level

Two states acted on the controversial 15-percent ethanol blend commonly known as E15, but in decidedly different ways. In Missouri, the state’s agriculture department pushed forward with its plans to allow E15, despite a vote last year by the state legislature’s rules committee to block the rule. Gov. Jay Nixon had instructed the department to move forward with the plan.

In Illinois, on the other hand, the state House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Congress to pass HR 875. The bill, introduced by Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., last year, would require independent scientific testing of E15 before it is allowed to be used in the fuel supply.

2. Campion Marine helping neighbor through fire

A nice story out of British Columbia where boat manufacturer Campion Marine has stepped in to help out Northern Lite Manufacturing, a nearby maker of campers whose plant was destroyed in a fire.

Campion president Brock Elliott has offered the company the use of space in its factory to build its campers and get its 40 employees back to work.

3. Five things to know if you want to sell to Hispanic community

We talk a lot in this industry about getting better market penetration with the Hispanic community. Hispanic business blogger Hernan Tagliani offers his advice on five things you need to know about this audience.

4. Instagram for your products and your customers

We’re lucky to be in a particularly visual industry – who doesn’t like a good boat picture? That said, there aren’t many boat builders or dealers taking advantage of Instagram to promote their product. Social Media Examiner presents some tips on getting your customers to post your stuff on Instagram.

5. Five SEO steps to take before redesigning your website

Thinking of redoing your company’s website. Whether its being done in-house or with help, here are five things to do before you get too far down the line.

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