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The annual Marine Dealer Conference & Expo is the premiere educational and networking event for marine dealers. The timely education topics, dealer-to-dealer idea exchange and large expo hall are frequently cited as reasons this is a can’t-miss event. However, don’t take our word for it. The strongest supporters of MDCE are the people who’ve experienced it firsthand. Below are some of their reactions.

Watch this video and hear the value of the MDCE straight from the dealers!

MDCE Dealer RegistrationMDCE Supplier Registration


“I think it tells you how to do things. It’s a road map to success.”

Carlton Phillips, Prince William Marine Sales



“I don’t know where I could ever go or what book I could ever read

that I could get as much information as what I get when going to

the conferences. And it’s information that can be

used by all sizes of dealerships.”

Rob Brown, Clark Marine


“For the relative small time and financial investment,

these ideas and practices make my business more

profitable and successful. Within 60 days we have

recouped our total investment in cost savings or new

business.” — Jeff Ellingsworth, Hayes Marine

“There is so much industry information between

networking, seminars, and meeting with vendors.

You come away with a real grasp of the current

marketplace.” — Kevin Dick, Captains Cove Marine

“It was well done. We looked at different vendors and things

we don’t have. We looked at boat lines we have and don’t

have and compared them. It was time well spent.”

Gary Poole, Buckeye Marine




“There is so much information, and I think everyone can

grow their business and make more money. There is a lot

of good information from the conference.”

Brian Crowe, Crowe Marine



“They did bring some things to light that I haven’t thought about in years.”

Roy Parker, Parker Boat Co.



“I came back with new ideas to implement into our

business and ways to better educate our staff.”

Jason Craig, Quartermaster Marine



“The conference provides useful and exciting new content

that dealers can take back and use in the dealership. Many

times in the day-to-day aspect of the season you don’t get

to interact with your peers. This is a good opportunity for

such interaction.” — Betsey Arvai, Skipper Bud’s



“I went to every seminar I could go to. There was one talking

about service walk arounds that I took the most from. Since

this is my first year going it was something that I’ve always

talked to the guys in service about, but now that it was

reinforced in an actual seminar it was something concrete

that I can take back and let the guys know that this isn’t

just my opinion….it’s real.” — Jessie Minto, Spicer’s Boat City



“There was so much to learn that I can’t imagine leaving

and not getting something out of it.” — Doug Hyde, Lens Cove Marina



“We are changing how we recruit people as a result of some

of the seminars. We are also implementing the cash flow

analysis the Spader Group talked about. Also, we are looking

at improving services for the marina.” — Courtney Dalan, Shanghai Resort



“There are always some good ideas to bring back with

that group of dealers in the room. It’s the best of the best

and always someone is doing something different. You can

always learn. People can learn from the speakers and

from networking.” — Mark VanLente, Action Water Sports


“I took a lot from the seminars. If somebody goes into them

and NOT get anything out of it, they were sleeping.”

Holly Valot, Atwood Lake Boats


“The whole idea we can get together as dealers and have a

single voice, whether it’s politically or through the industry is

important. It really does get you pumped up. There’s a lot of

value to it, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely.”

Barry Bensz, B & E Marine



“The conference is excellent, year after year! Even if you only

take home one new idea, there is time to implement it before

the new year starts and you and your staff have gotten a boost

of enthusiasm for the upcoming season.”

Nancy Smith, Colorado Boat Center



“Everything about the conference and expo was worthwhile,

and the information I was able to learn was helpful for myself

and my department.” — Kim Green, Deep Creek Marina



“This was the third time I’ve attended. I gain so much knowledge

by attending. It’s beneficial. You can stay in a cave and not learn,

but you won’t improve your business. In today’s economy you need

to go forward with a sharp pencil and mind and keep up with changes.”

Terry Archbold, Dry Dock Marine Center



“The whole thing was informative. It was very well organized.

Everyone should be open to new ideas and every little thing helps.

There were business concepts that would help anybody.We had

a couple meetings and wrote down a top 10. Some of them are:

  1. Improve on perks and frills for customers. Give little thingsaway and change it on a monthly basis.
  2. Get better on service follow-up and tracking systems.
  3. We will have an improved service menu with a flat screenTV that has service specials and whatnot.
  4. Reviewing payment procedures.
  5. Working to upgrade facility and dock areas.
  6. Take advantage of QR codes.”

Tony Webster, Gordon Bay Marine



“We are gearing up for the Chicago Boat Show and we are using

some of the email templates I was able to pick up at the conferences.

I’m also implementing some ideas for quick turnaround and follow up calls.”

Katie Brockwell, Gordy’s Lakefront Marine


“We’re starting with QR quotes and started a blog. We want

to use our Facebook page more and use YouTube videos. We

created a whole list of things we’re hoping to accomplish.”

Amanda Kanas, Hampton Watercraft & Marine



“The educational and networking experience is hard to do

throughout the year. Having four or five days to spend and

listen to other dealers is very important. You’re not just seeing

your little neck of the woods. You’re seeing tidbits of what’s

going on with the economy in other parts of the world.”

Kevin Hayes, Hayes Marine



“Learn enough and be motivated enough to make back the

value of the conference by a factor of 4:1. I am confident

we can easily do that.” — Sean Horsfall, Lens Cove Marina



“I like going and being able to learn about what’s new in the

industry. It’s important if you want to have a successful business.”

—Shane Filer, Pittsburgh Boat Sales




“The highlight of the conference for me was the classes.

They were very informative, and I took back valuable ideas

to my dealership. The expo hall was also nice as we could

look at our lines as well as explore new lines.”

Michael Valot, Atwood Lake Boats


“I brought back knowledge that can be applied to

my business almost instantly.”

John Jablonski, The Sailboat Shop


“I think there is a lot for the dealers and employees to get

on the same page as to where the dealership is going and

more fully understand the importance of each department

and how they help each other along.”

Mike Lueneburg, WakeSide Marine



“It is a very good venue to attend for business resources as

well as to network and mingle with other dealers from around

the U.S. and Canada to get a feel for the industry. Also was good

to discuss and listen to solutions of how other dealers are dealing

with common issues.” —John Baker, Waypoint Marine


“The event is very well done, educational, a great way to

connect to vendors and other dealers. It is a must if you

are going to improve your business and ‘accelerate your

growth!’ ” — Rod Bensz, B & E Marine




“To be able to take different approaches from different people.

I liked the interactive seminars. We’re up in New England, and

I was sitting next to a guy from Arizona. It was nice to compare

ideas.” —Kevin Dubia, Winnisquam Marine

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