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Correct Craft supports “Blue Mind” dictionary entry

Blue Mind logo

The Cambridge Dictionary is considering the addition of “blue mind” into its next update, an addition highly supported by Correct Craft. To be added to the Cambridge Dictionary, the phrase must receive adequate votes indicating support of the proposal. People can vote to include “blue mind” into the Cambridge Dictionary here. Blue mind is an idea that was developed by ...

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Boating to the rescue

Bill Yeargin Correct Craft CEO

By Bill Yeargin If you are feeling stressed, you are not alone. Between the presidential election in the U.S., the wildly fluctuating equity markets, and COVID-19, even the normally stoic are feeling a little anxious. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted, especially those impacted by COVID-19. And, our prayers go out to those around the globe ...

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‘Blue Mind’ author meets with Correct Craft team

Recently, the renowned author of Blue Mind, Wallace “J” Nichols, met with Correct Craft’s executive team and company presidents at their summer Business Leaders’ Summit. Nichols shared his impressive research regarding the benefits of being in, under, near or on water. Nichol’s work is estimated to have impacted over a billion people, inspired millions to action, been featured in thousands ...

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