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Florida company devises forgotten drain plug solution

Have you ever forgotten to put the plug, or plugs plural, in your boat? You likely only do it once. At any rate, inteliPlug was developed to solve one of boating’s age old problems and most common mistakes; forgetting to install the drain plug. Boaters frequently overlook reinstalling the drain plug when launching at boat ramps. At the very least, ...

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Malibu Boats announces license with Wake Worx

Malibu Boats announced that it has licensed its industry-leading wakesurfing patent portfolio to Wake Worx, LLC. Wake Worx supplies the Super Surf’R Aftermarket Surf Tabs to marine manufacturers, primarily in the sterndrive segment. “This means that almost every sterndrive company incorporating a surf wake enhancement device on their boats, and five of the top six inboard companies, are now licensed under Malibu’s ...

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