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Rendering aid: How to safely tow other boats

You’re on your way home, feeling the last warmth of the sun as it kisses the horizon, when the cellphone rings. A buddy, with his wife and three kids aboard, can’t get his motor started, and there isn’t a commercial towing vessel nearby. Consider this advice before offering a tow back to port. Boat and Gear Limitations Your cleats and ...

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Weego announces TowBoatU.S. jump starter partnership

Weego, a manufacturer of portable power products including jump starters and rechargeable battery packs, has announced TowBoatU.S. has selected the company as its jump starter of choice. “To be acknowledged by this world-class, professional organization of towing and recovery captains is an awesome validation of our products,” said Weego CEO Gerry Toscani. TowBoatU.S. is driven to providing its members with ...

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