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Marketing strategies for growth: Want more sales? Tell better stories

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By David Gee Stories and sales go together. Stories connect us. They can be your differentiator in a crowded, chaotic, commoditized marketplace. That’s because your story is unique. No one else has your founding myth, your organization’s DNA. Stories will help your current or potential clients and customers listen longer and buy quicker. But you – or your products or ...

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Why your marketing may not be relevant – and how to fix it

By David Gee When you are in the media, you are on the receiving end of lots of marketing messages. Some are good, some are bad and some are really ugly. In fact, there is about an 80-percent chance there is something fundamentally wrong with your marketing. It’s flawed because it’s about you, your company, and not them, your prospect ...

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Three types of stories every leader should master

The fact that people are wired to react so strongly to stories should motivate business leaders to develop their storytelling skills. But what business situations call for a story? You might have guessed the answer—it depends. It depends on both the situation and what you’d like to accomplish in the situation. The situation might be a staff meeting where you’re ...

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