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Posting content to Facebook and Twitter – When, What and How

I’m always asked about posting content to Facebook and Twitter. I receive questions like: How many times a week should I post content? When should I post content? What kind of content should I post? These are all valid questions that should be part of your social media strategy. To answer these questions, we have to separate Facebook and Twitter to give you the best answer.

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QR Codes – How They Fit Into Your Social Media Strategy

A QR Code (short for Quick Response) is a matrix code or 2D code. Using a smart-phone, a person merely points and scans and they’re launched into the virtual world! You can link a QR Code to a number of different end points. When your customer scans the QR Code, you can send them a text with your contact information, direct them to a video, link them to your website or Facebook page, or give away prizes. There’s no limit to what you can do with QR Codes.

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What is Social CRM?

During some of my recent dealer visits, dealers have been asking how to properly monitor their social media accounts and how they can use the information that they receive to improve their business.

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