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Updating shore power connections

SmartPlug shore power

For boat owners with shore power connections, the part that's the biggest potential problem is the easiest to change: an outdated twist-type connector. With a retrofit kit from SmartPlug Systems, it's fast and simple to upgrade to the safest and most thoroughly modern 30A or 50A marine power supply equipment available, while reusing the cable and saving money. Traditional twist-type ...

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SmartPlug offers new safety options for onboard air conditioners

As summer draws near, many boaters are planning overnight cruises. To sleep comfortably, they'll rely on factory installed or portable air conditioners. These appliances, however, can put tremendous electrical loads on outdated, twist-type shore power electrical connections, leaving owners wide-eyed awake wondering if their older plug is going to overheat and catch fire. Using the revolutionary SmartPlug not only greatly ...

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