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How tracking your customers’ purchase journey can help your marine dealership

By Nicole SchantzVP of OEM and Strategic Initiatives, Trader Interactive The introduction of online research and digital retailing tools has revolutionized the shopping experience for consumers, making it increasingly nonlinear. This means that fewer customers start their journey in the dealership. In fact, a survey conducted by Boatline revealed that 86% of marine buyers shop digitally. This means that when ...

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Are you appealing to the “right” brain with your sales and marketing?

David Gee Boating Industry

By David Gee Our audiences today are time starved and in control as never before, and we must work smarter to reach them, whatever it is we are “selling.” And bombarding them with large amounts of infill and information is not the path to move, persuade, convince – and sell. Research in neuroscience tells us that reasons lead to conclusions, while emotions lead to ...

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A dictionary for more sales

By Matt Sellhorst Words have power. The power of words can change over time. For example, if I said Corona just a few months ago, what would pop into your head? A sandy beach, a lime and a beer, right? Now, what pops into your head? As a write this, even my 6-year-old girl Emery would say “the virus.” This ...

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