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Solve your SEO troubles by answering your customers’ questions

By Sarah Prellwitz If you’re struggling with your website’s SEO, you’re not alone. A HubSpot survey revealed the top three challenges for SEO in 2022 are 1) staying up to date on changes to search engine algorithms, 2) ranking highly in search results and 3) identifying useful keywords. These challenges aren’t surprising – because they aren’t new. Brands have struggled ...

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Keep your digital brand recognizable for your shoppers

By Sarah Prellwitz If you manage multiple store locations for your dealership, you understand the importance of maintaining a consistent brand experience across all locations. After all, it doesn’t bode well for your brand’s reputation if customers have a vastly different experience when they visit another location. The expectation for brand continuity extends to your online presence. Odds are, your ...

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Make the most of International Customer Loyalty Month

By Sarah Prellwitz April is International Customer Loyalty Month! While I encourage dealers to focus on building customer loyalty all 12 months of the year, April presents a great opportunity to analyze your customer retention strategy and look for improvement. After all, loyal customers are the key to growing your business and supporting long-term growth. Not only do they come ...

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