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Practical and profitable 2018 marketing plans

One of the most profitable planning projects you can invest in is to create a yearly marketing plan. I’m not talking about a business school type plan that sits on the shelf and will make an MBA professor giddy, but rather a marketing plan that will be followed throughout the season and lead to larger more predictable profits. To help ...

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Matt Sellhorst offering free copies of new book

Matt Sellhorst, the CEO of Boat Dealer Profits and creator of the SPLASH System, recently released his second book, “Boat Dealer Profits; How the SPLASH System can help you sell more boats, make more money and have more fun!” specifically for boat dealership owners and managers. The book is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon for $19.95; however, for ...

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Sales pitches that don’t sell

Sales pitches are shortcuts that save time and don’t require thinking. They’re the stock-in-trade of salespeople, rolling off the tongue easily and unconsciously. They once worked well with customers, but not so much today. Here are some of them: “How can I help you?” This one gets top billing on the list, and deservedly so. It’s leftover from the last ...

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Have you earned the right to win the sale?

In previous issues we’ve talked about the process your boat buyers go through, called the “Educational Spectrum,” and how you can take advantage of your competition’s lack of understanding by offering the “researchers and evaluators” the information they are searching for already. But as I wrote earlier, it could backfire on you if you don’t provide an exceptional experience. That ...

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Skyrocket your boat show ROI

If you haven’t started working on your boat show strategy, you may want to consider it. I’m not talking selecting inventory and laying out your booth. I’m talking about setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them at the show. There are three main goals of any boat show for successful boat dealers: 1. Sell as many boats as ...

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