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If you’ve got it, if you’ve done it, flaunt it

By Jim Ackerman and Paul Furse -- For most dealers, your trophies go largely unnoticed, to the detriment of your sales. Wait. What trophies? Not just races won or awards given, although they’re part of the mix, but also the training, credentials, certifications, experience and history of your dealership. You see, most dealers simply take the ads slicks they’ve been ...

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Time to start thinking about first-time buyers

A week ago, I was on the phone with Fred Pace, managing director of Destin, Fla.-based dealership Legendary Marine, who said something that surprised me. He’s seeing a return of first-time buyers in his local market place. Legendary Marine’s experience is not necessarily the norm in today’s market. Most dealers are having a hard enough time getting their loyal customers ...

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Case File 2010: Burger vs. Burger

Having spent a bit of my career in the marine OEM camps, I have learned firsthand that innovation is king (pardon the mis-reference). As a boat builder, you must have unique features on your products to separate them from the competition.

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Not just another buzzword: The degrees of “marine engagement”

By Gary Druckenmiller, Jr., co-founder, TheOpenSea.com – In marine marketing, retaining loyal customers has always been a hard thing to do. And in the age of media fragmentation — as hundreds of technologies and thousands of Web sites compete for audience attention — the traditional siege-mentality approach to marketing is giving way to a new paradigm known as “engagement.” This ...

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Another way to win over your customers

Last week, I received a press release from BoatU.S. with the following subject line, “The Shocking Truth: More Recreational Boaters Having Battery Problems.” And I saw an opportunity. Or at least one I’d jump on if I was a boat dealer, marina operator or boating supplies store manager. BoatU.S. Towing Services reports that the number of non-emergency assistance calls it ...

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