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Three keys to sales success in your dealership

By Matt Sellhorst The past several years have been what I call “boom” years for most dealers. Sales volume is up, units are up in most segments and times are pretty good. But, could they be better? What happens if there’s a slowdown? Or what if the election cycle triggers the typical uncertainty that could impact sales? If your dealership ...

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Get ‘em OFF the keyboard!

By Jeff Scherer, Associate Partner, Callbutton LLC – Many years ago, before the Internet was “cool,” I was the Internet sales manager for one of the largest automotive retailers. This was a very interesting time because prior to this, no auto entities had really stepped out to try to market vehicles through this new budding medium known as “the Web.” ...

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Lead management 101 revisited

I’ve been involved in lead management heavily for some time and continue to work with OEMs, dealers, CRM vendors, ad agencies, and lead providers on a daily basis. Each one of them has a particular desire for how, where, and what they want to do to generate leads.

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