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New boats for a new economy

I was driving in the car yesterday when a story came on National Public Radio about Columbia, Ky.-based houseboat builder Majestic Yachts. It’s no surprise in this economy that it was a sad story, at least at first. The article began by profiling Faye Womack, a former employee. She was part of a 27-person boat production team until orders stopped ...

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Influence the outcome

Two weeks ago in a martial arts class, I accidentally hurt one of my best friends. Beyond the pain of the injury, it had real potential consequences for her. She was only a few weeks away from one of the many exams required to get her black belt, something she has been working toward for more than three years. I ...

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Pain = gain?

My four-year-old son broke his arm playing in the yard last week. While he was incredibly brave in the hours and days that followed, it has changed him. As the pain has receded, he’s begun thinking out loud about how he’ll avoid breaking something else, as have his father and I. We want him to go back to having fun ...

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