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Breaking down the basics of ranking high on Google

There is no doubt about it, your dealership website’s search engine ranking contributes directly to the bottom line of your business. Search Engine People statistics show that over half of all clicks on search engine results pages (SERPs) go to the top three results and 75 percent of searchers won’t go past the first page. Failing to invest in your ...

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Two more reasons to target prospects with pay-per-click

If you are familiar with Pay-Per-Click (PPC), also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), then you probably know that one of the most valuable aspects of this tool is its ability to target ads toward specific online users. This allows you, as the advertiser, to reach prospects who are more likely than others to purchase from your dealership. Search engine ...

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What’s your pre-owned strategy?

In the latest issue of Boating Industry, they shared the data for the 2018 forecast. Reviewing the data points shows that we are very excited about our growth in 2018. When reviewing the concerns going into 2018, the top two were affordability of boating and lack of skilled labor craftsmen for new boat production challenges. With those two concerns, perhaps ...

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Why email is (still) so powerful

You are a successful and busy boating industry professional. Maybe you own or manage a boat dealership, or you hold a managerial role at one. It’s likely that you want to market your business and promote your inventory in the most effective way, but you have limited resources. You just don’t have the time to devote to everything, which is ...

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Earn more customers, win more sales with mobile marketing strategies

A few years ago, dealership marketers may only have considered traditional marketing vs. digital marketing on a desktop computer. They might have expanded their reach with digital by emailing an advertisement instead of printing flyers, or creating graphics to promote a sale on their dealership’s Facebook page. Today, the digital landscape has expanded on a huge scale, and it’s not ...

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Voice search’s rise is great news for marine dealerships

“Siri, tell me how much a 2018 Cobalt Surf R7 costs.” “Siri, find one of those near me.” “Siri, give me directions to the dealership.” Not only do search engines like Google simplify the process of finding the answers you need, but now you don’t even need to type your question into a search bar. Voice search on smartphones has ...

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Dealer Cost vs. Customer Service and Loyalty

In the end, it is not going to matter whether or not the consumer knows what a dealer pays for a boat from the manufacturer. In the end, what matters most to consumers is the level of customer service that they receive. What matters most is that the consumer feels that they received the best value for what they have purchased.

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Where do we go from here?

We are doing some very old-fashioned activities right now. We are postponing the purchase of everything we want in order to shore up our savings and eliminate our credit card debt.

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It’s Only a Matter of Time

For a download fee less than $50 I was able to download a full set of charts that mapped out all of the waterways I would ever visit. It turned my iPhone into one of the most complete GPS’s on the water you could want.

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