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South Florida digital agency partners with MRAA for COVID-19 webinar

NMMA webinar

Harry Casimir, CEO of ATILUS and Boat Marketing Pros, is partnering with the Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) to host a webinar titled “COVID-19 Recovery: SEO Tactics For Your Marine Industry Business.” The webinar will be about digital marketing tactics to focus on during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Boat dealerships and businesses in the marine industry have an ...

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Google’s game changer in online ad campaigns

Last week, Google made a pretty big announcement that will affect your business: its latest feature will be able to tell when consumers who clicked on an ad in search results made a credit or debit card purchase at a corresponding physical store. This helps advertisers better track the success of online campaigns. Google achieves this by working with credit ...

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Google rolls out Smart Goals for advertisers

Google AdWords is a helpful tool for attracting more web customers, and the newest addition to the platform makes it even more effective. Google launched Smart Goals a few weeks ago, which is intended to attract site visitors who are more apt to purchase something. The program uses machine learning and Google Analytics data to help businesses recognize site visitors ...

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Google Maps launches unmanned vessel powered by Torqeedo

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. – A new unmanned vessel, launched with the help of Google, will map shorelines and raise awareness of the impacts of global sea level rise. Since clean, powerful and efficient propulsion was a high priority, leading electric motor innovator, Torqeedo, was chosen to power the craft. Originally designed to be worn by backpackers, Google’s proprietary Street View ...

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The upside of rudeness

The algorithm Google uses to rank websites in its search results is a closely guarded secret, as the less that is known about how the search engine works the more difficult it is for people to short-cut the system. But, as any business with a website likely knows, there are numerous legitimate techniques that can be used to move a ...

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