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Technology and globalization

Technology and globalization are two trends that are combining with incredible force to significantly impact us all (and our industry). It does not matter if we consider technology and/or globalization as good or bad; they are both changing our world in a big way. While bringing significant benefits on a global/macro level, both globalization and technology can also bring substantial ...

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Free trade – follow up

Earlier this month I wrote a blog for Boating Industry titled “The Free Trade Question.” After the blog was published I received several great comments and questions about free trade, and, as teachers everywhere say, “If you have questions, others probably do too.” So, this blog will share some thoughts triggered by the comments and questions I received related to ...

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The free trade question

Between working as CEO of a company in the boating industry with global distribution (70 countries) and serving, until recently, as co-chair of the Manufacturing Council’s Trade, Tax Policy and Export Growth Committee (a group of business leaders who advise the U.S. Secretary of Commerce), I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about global trade. Trade was a ...

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