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F&I – The process drives the profit

Myril Shaw Dealer Profit Services

By Myril Shaw Simple, measurable, achievable, reasonable and time-based goals. They are absolutely a requirement for driving F&I Success. However, as important and necessary as they are, they are also not sufficient.   True F&I success is only possible with a comprehensive and robust F&I process. This process starts long before the customer is introduced to the Finance Manager (or, as ...

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10 F&I-related issues that could cost you money

By Myril Shaw F&I Profit Center is an easy target when it comes to overall store profits that are less than what you would like. F&I is easy for a reason – they are often to blame. There is more though – and sometimes the expenses that occur when a customer finances are not directly related to reserve, backend penetration ...

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Protective Asset Protection launches F&I program enhancements

Protective Asset Protection has launched a new version of their FPC Premium Marine Protection Program featuring enhancements to its long-standing marine F&I program. The updates represent product improvements strengthening Protective Asset Protection’s service contract offering for the marine industry. The updated program is available to marine dealers in all states except Washington as of Nov. 1, 2017. The program enhancements ...

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Competitive financing available: Do your customers know?

Every customer knows that that they can get competitive financing from your dealership, right? Wrong! Over 30 percent of marine dealerships do not offer financing (always for very bad reasons – but customers only know from them that dealerships do not offer financing). There is also a common assumption among shoppers that they will almost always get a better deal ...

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Making F&I profitable without an F&I manager

Jan Kelly, president, Kelly Enterprises – Many dealerships have downsized their personnel to the point of not having a dedicated F&I manager. Is that department just as profitable without the dedicated person focused on the task each day? Who is presenting the ancillary service policies, and working with the lenders to secure the customer financing? Some dealerships have simply outsourced ...

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