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The US worker crisis

The U.S. is currently in a crisis that is impacting our domestic businesses and will likely have a long-term negative impact on our country. This crisis is impacting almost every U.S. company. It is a crisis that is limiting economic growth and wealth generation in the U.S. and, if not solved, will eventually threaten our national security. In fact, when ...

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Manufacturing Day – Looking out for our future!

Pretty much any time a group of my fellow CEOs get together, the discussion will eventually head toward what many of us describe as our biggest challenge – finding good employees. At Correct Craft, we have manufacturing plants across the U.S. and we offer competitive pay and benefits; however, it is still a challenge to find the employees we need ...

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Top 100 dealers retain employees through retirement savings

When it comes to finding and keeping good employees, Top 100 dealers are the businesses that just get it. They are willing to make investments that keep their employees happy, show they value their teams and provide the means for those individuals to have a life outside their job. Providing a retirement savings plan is a key component to achieving ...

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Go ahead, be grumpy at work

In a service industry like ours, it is natural to put on a happy face at work – even when we’re feeling cranky. While that may be a good practice when interacting with our customers, research shows it may not be the most productive or healthy. A recent Quartz post highlighted several studies that are relatively new, connecting workers’ productivity ...

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A new workforce

As we put our April issue to bed and await its arrival in mailboxes, the workforce problem in the marine industry is still taking up a significant amount of my brain space. What can we do to address the issue? How can we attract young people to working in the marine trades? One thing we absolutely need to do is ...

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Not another dead end job

How to find (and keep) good employees Any organization worth its salt will tell you its greatest asset is its people. As such, the hiring and retaining on quality employees should be a business’s No. 1 concern. The boating industry isn’t unaware of the need to hire quality employees – if anything, the industry is hyper aware. But what is the secret ...

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