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Manufacturing Day – Looking out for our future!

Pretty much any time a group of my fellow CEOs get together, the discussion will eventually head toward what many of us describe as our biggest challenge – finding good employees. At Correct Craft, we have manufacturing plants across the U.S. and we offer competitive pay and benefits; however, it is still a challenge to find the employees we need ...

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Summer jobs don’t pay

A recent article on NPR compares the earning power of a summer job in 1982 versus 2017, and for many reasons it should concern the boating industry. In short, the article shows that an average college student receiving no help from parents needed to work either nine hours a day, seven days a week for three straight months or 16 ...

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Federal judge blocks overtime rule

If there’s anything we have learned from the year 2016, it is that this was not the year to be a betting man or woman. That is, of course, unless you like betting dangerously against the odds. From the Brexit decision to the U.S. presidential election to even the Cubs winning the World Series, it has been a year of ...

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Yamaha Service Skills Training program builds technician career path

As the marine industry faces a shortage of qualified technicians, businesses across the industry will need to take it upon themselves to help address the issue. One notable example of a company taking action is Yamaha Marine Group. Two years ago, the company initiated a pilot program called Yamaha Service Skills Training. The program calls on individuals with a general ...

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Sixty-six percent of job seekers use family and friends to find work

Finding good applicants for open positions is never easy. Indeed, 47 percent of small businesses report few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill. New research suggests attracting these applicants may require rethinking how we find them. A new study from Pew Research Center reported that among Americans who have looked for work in the ...

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Don’t burn bridges you want to cross again

Once an employee gives notice they are leaving a job, the process of erasing said employee from our brain space begins. We start working on bringing in a new person and writing off the former employee. Good riddance, right? Wrong, at least if job trends are any indication. In recent years, the rise of “boomerang employees” has become more pronounced. ...

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