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Online presence: How do boat dealers compare?

Fill in the blanks to this statement: “The boating industry lags behind the _______ industry by ___ months/years.” We’ve all heard people talk about how far behind our industry is compared to others when it comes to sales this or manufacturing that: You can pretty much fill in the blank there too. So, as I was looking through a list ...

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Take control of the 2010 Dealer Database

One year ago yesterday, I posted a blog entry to this site outlining how we go about compiling the information for our annual Dealer Directory, which is published each May. I thought it might be time to revisit that topic as, a couple of weeks ago, our 2010 Directory was mailed out and we’ve begun to hear from the dealers ...

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A Dealer Directory how-to

Boating Industry’s 2009 Dealer Directory was published last week and, since its mailing, several dealerships that were not included have contacted us to find out why. So I wanted to briefly outline how we put together our directory each year in the hopes that the explanation will help ensure the process goes more smoothly for everyone in the future. In ...

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