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What we all can learn from a mouse

Everyone in line at Disney knew what the cost of the food was, but they still got in line and paid the price. This is no different than someone who uses SeeDealerCost.com, goes to a dealership and then buys the boat.

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Do your customers know who you are?

By Christopher Kourtakis, director of sales and marketing, 360° Industry Solutions — As I stood in a local dealership the other day, a customer who just purchased a boat from the dealership had a few questions and looked a little lost. So, I went up to the gentleman and asked him if I could point him in the right direction. ...

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Get ‘em OFF the keyboard!

By Jeff Scherer, Associate Partner, Callbutton LLC – Many years ago, before the Internet was “cool,” I was the Internet sales manager for one of the largest automotive retailers. This was a very interesting time because prior to this, no auto entities had really stepped out to try to market vehicles through this new budding medium known as “the Web.” ...

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