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Capsized or swamped, stay with the boat!

It can seemingly happen in a heartbeat: a following wave stuffs and rolls your boat, and you’re in the water. Or, the body of water is in your boat — a wave or wake over bow, transom or gunwales; a hull split; a through-hull failed. Maybe (sigh!) someone forgot to install the plug. The first rule’s the same whether you’re ...

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Safely navigate using buoys

In talking with boaters, be they readers, marina mates or folks I meet on the water, it’s become apparent that some are baffled by buoys. The crux of the problem, as I’ve discerned it, is the supposition that navaids tell loads of detailed information — that they are supposed to be interpreted, only after long experience, like hoodoo chicken bones, ...

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Rendering aid: How to safely tow other boats

You’re on your way home, feeling the last warmth of the sun as it kisses the horizon, when the cellphone rings. A buddy, with his wife and three kids aboard, can’t get his motor started, and there isn’t a commercial towing vessel nearby. Consider this advice before offering a tow back to port. Boat and Gear Limitations Your cleats and ...

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