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Hitting the target with social media ads

Advertising for your dealership on social media is a smart and strategic way to grab the attention of your likely prospects. As a local business, you have an even higher chance of targeting social media users in your area who may already be in the market for a boat. Social media ads are a low cost/high impact method of advertising, ...

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The giving season: Good for your community and your team

Another holiday season is upon us and already well underway. While rushing around doing my last minute gift shopping, I had to take a moment to slow down and remind myself that this is truly the giving season. It’s not about what fancy new thingamabob you get from your grandma, or how much you found that doohickey on sale for. ...

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One year of blogging: What do you think?

If you take a look at this blog's archives, you'll notice that they go back to March 2009. Specifically, our first post -- in which Matt wrote about "Going Girly" -- was published on March 27, 2009. That means tomorrow the blog turns 1. When Boating Industry Insider debuted, our staff had a lot of experience covering the marine industry ...

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