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Baby boomers reach retirement

Starting Saturday, more than 10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age each day for the next 19 years. That’s the good news for industries such as recreational boating, which have for a long time been looking to this generation as a lucrative source of customers. The bad news, however, is that many boomers will reach their golden years without that ...

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Boomers go bust

It’s no secret that consumers are spending less these days and that savings rates are rising. Hidden behind this obvious fact is the lesser-known reality that our industry’s top customers, the 79 million baby boomers who have been buying, trading in and upgrading their boats for years and years, may be saving themselves right out of the boat market. According ...

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Is the worst really behind us?

You should know, as you begin reading this, that I am an optimist at heart. Problems phase me for only a moment. I look for (and usually find) opportunity in every situation. And I believe that good things will happen to people and companies that make decisions that reflect the best interests of the people, industries and communities they serve. ...

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